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Cable Gland Kit And Accessories


It is quite convenient & ready for use.
It contains all that is necessary for terminating a cable to run i.e. glands, lock nuts, earth  tags & shrouds.
It helps to keep all the required parts together for each termination.


Up to 32 m.m. each pack contain two glands, two earth tag, two lock nuts & two shroud.
For 40 m.m. & above each pack contain one gland, one lock nut, one earth tag and one shroud.


Earth tags ensure the earth continuity between the electrical equipment and gland earth tags are available from the size 16 m.m. to 120 m.m. in brass & in aluminum.
Locks nuts are available in the size 60m.m. to 120m.m. in Brass, Aluminum & Galvanished steel.

PVC shrouds are denoted by gland reference number & are compatible with each gland size.

Cable Gland Kit And Accessories Cable Gland Kit And Accessories


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