Kalaria Brass Industries Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Electrical Component, Brass Electrical Components/Fittings, Earthing Rods / Plates & Accessories, Brass Fasteners, Brass Cable Glands of Various Types, Tire valves & valve accessories, Brass Plumping & CP Sanitary Parts, Pipe Fittings & Accessories, Brass & G. I. Conduit Fittings, Pre-Galvanized switch & Socket Boxes (Junction Box)
Brass Electrical
Earthing Tag
Screw Coupling
Split Bolt
Earth Rod
Split Connected Clamp
Earth Rod to Cable Clamp(G Type)
Rod to Tape Clamp (A Type)
Electrical General Components
Electrical TNC Connectors
Earthing Rods / 
Plates & Accessories
Split Connected Clamp
Square Tape Clamp
U Bolt Connector Clamp
Earth Rod
DC Tape Clip
Tape Clip
Brass Fasteners

Brass Anchors
Brass Insert s
Brass Builder Hardware
Brass Cable Glands of
Various Types
Tire valves &
valve accessories
Bicycle Tube Valves
Two and Three Wheeler
Passenger Car,Tubeless
Tractor & Curing Bag
Rubber Base Single
Rubber Base Double  Bend
Large Bore Valves
Tubeless Car Type Valves
Special Valves
Valves Accessories
Brass Plumping & CP Sanitary Parts

Brass Grohe Nipple
Hex Nut / Check Nut
Complete Set For Flexible Tube
Brass Cap (Female Stop End)
Brass Plug (Male Stop End)
Coller / Gas Connector Nozzle (Male)
Coller / Gas Connector Nozzle (Female)
Barrel / Long Nipple
Brass Waste Complete Set
Pipe Fittings & Accessories

Brass & G.I.Conduit 
Switch & Socket..
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